banned users

The Brotherhood of the Round Letters
Alias: n.a.
Dimensions banned from: The Text-Only Dimension, The Dimension Where Everyone Is Rich, [Redacted]
Reason for banishment: Major interdimensional fraud, embezzlement, forgery in over 6000 counts

Minerva Kizyna, Minerva Kizyna, and Minerva Kizyna
Alias: Dr. Kizyna.
Dimensions banned from: The Dimension Where Everybody Makes Clones of Themselves, The Dimension Where Other Dimensions Do Not Exist, Silicon City
Reason for banishment: Clones from our curator Dr. Kizyna’s ‘office prank’, wherein she cloned herself and sold/moved the city of Chicago from The Dimension Where Minerva Kizyna Is The President through several dimensions.

General Aquademus The Fourth

Alias: Magic Man, The General, The Lizard King
Dimensions banned from: Dimension 768, 467, 098, and 47-STYL
Reason for banishment (selection):

  • introducing the interdimensional substance LSD that has been stolen from dimension 0768.
  • Created a cult in the 60s, luring impressionable hippies to give him money for “the secrets of the universe” and operated this cult until 1978
  • Hypnotized his followers with interdimensional substances, which inspired the CIA (interdimensional police of dimensions 2899, 8681, 1997, and 5702) to establish operation MK Ultra
  • After avoiding authorities, he has funded a shell company known as Aqua Remedies, a multilevel marketing scheme that sells essential oils to suburban households. (original reason for banishment – rampant essential oil posts are often removed from the site)
  • In turn, his organization created the anti-vaxx movement in Earth-2899, which was a marketing plan to sell his counterfeit oils. It has spread into Dimension 0467, causing all his business assets to freeze.
  • Has escaped a dimensional prison by pointing a gun at a guard, holding him hostage, then opening the Shog Gates to make his escape.
  • Is now, as a result, banned from in accordance with Tau Boötis b-0013’s Transdimensional Criminal Sales Act.