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FOR SALE: Pocket dimension containing billions of socks.

Basically, my ex-husband worked in the machine washer business, and after our divorce he gave me a pocket dimension as alimony. Thing is, I think he’s pulled a prank on me and built a portal into the design of the washing machine that sucks up socks and drops them in the pocket dimension. Willing to

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Portal to THE VOID for sale (slightly used)

Gently used portal to the Void. Recently constructed by the Necro Society, used as a demon transport every solar eclipse. Has only been used a few times for religious sacrifices, forbidden knowledge, and arcane rituals. Kit is included as well as an instructional DVD that covers basic maintenance. The portal is a 20 feet deep

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Dimensional portal, want gone. Cheap cheap cheap.

Are you looking for your next portal to an unholy hellscape? If so, you’ve found it in my backyard! About 5x5ft, it’s a swirling vortex of miasma the colour of which is incomprehensible to any higher-intelligence. At this point I’ll take any offers, we can arrange transportation. Bring an excavator, portal doesn’t seem to exist

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