Trapped in hallway—HELP!!!

I’m hoping this reaches someone because this is a cry for help and signals here come and go. So I’m trapped in this…endless hallway, I guess. It’s like a weird maze and every time I turn a corner, it just doesn’t end. There’s a stairway and when I go up, the door leads to another hallway. At this point, I gave up tracking the number of floors this hellhole has.

I don’t know how long I was trapped here…hours? Days? Weeks? This all started because I signed a lease to rent a unit in a nice brownstone apartment near [DELETED] neighborhood in [DELETED]. Vinny, the landlord, helped me move in and it was fine for a few days. After I left my room to go to the lobby, that’s when I saw the walls in front of me stretch like gum. I turned and saw my door was gone, so I kept walking. I couldn’t find my original unit, and there was no exit anywhere. I knocked on a few doors to get a neighbor to help me, but there was either no one answering or the unit was a dark void, like peering at complete nothingness. It’s weird, because I could smell the scent of cooking, or I would hear music and people talking from the ceiling. Sometimes I can also hear bumping and clattering. My phone doesn’t work but sometimes I could get wifi, which is how I wrote this post. For some reason, I only have access to interdimensional websites or phone numbers. Oftentimes, I’d hear heavy breathing, as if the building itself was alive. Water would sometimes drip down the walls, and there’s a weird metallic smell. Is it sentient? Dunno.

Vinny, if you get this message, I need you to get me out of here, man. Or at least give me a new set of keys. And I want my goddamn deposit back.’’

FOR SALE: Pocket dimension containing billions of socks.

Basically, my ex-husband worked in the machine washer business, and after our divorce he gave me a pocket dimension as alimony. Thing is, I think he’s pulled a prank on me and built a portal into the design of the washing machine that sucks up socks and drops them in the pocket dimension.

Willing to sell for 500 Etheris, or a trade with the pocket dimension I keep losing all my bobby pins in. Email me at [REDACTED].