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In search of my boy!

Greetings! My name is QL-7K-86H, a monster hunter by trade and monster researcher by profession. It is my job here at GC to aid in the understanding of those things which go bump in the night! So, to make a very lengthy story much shorter, a Schwachkopf underling of mine was negligent in his duties,

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Chanting Pumpkins, Help Wanted

Hey Y’all, Farmer Jacobs here, I most certainly hope this is the correct part of the interwebs to be posting this, but the darndest thing went on in my pumpkin patch last night. At the stroke of midnight i was awoken by a strange chanting, so naturally I grabbed my shotgun, pulled on my overalls

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I need a vampire hunter in order to eliminate an invasion currently proceeding in my small Eastern European village. This is a temporary position and I will pay for transportation, room and board. REQUIREMENTS AND DETAILS: At least 4-5 years experience. Monster Hunter Certification with specialization in the undead. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING YOUR

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