In search of an experienced hunter.

Hello! My name is DESIGNATED ASSOCIATE TZ-T2-12B. I’m an aspiring monster hunter, which was the trade of my father, and my father’s father, all until they were horrifically maimed! I hope to follow in their footsteps, but I don’t know where to start. So, I’d like to apprentice with an experienced hunter that can, ya know? Show me the ropes, and all that.

For my first hunt, I’d like to track down a DESIGNATED CREATURE 446A. You probably know it from that one TV show. Can’t remember the name, but I’m sure you’ll know it. Anyway, if I can bag one of those, I’ll be able to make it to the big leagues! Just like my father, and my father’s father!

Anyone that’s interested, please come to DESIGNATED LOCATION LL-10! We can talk price once you’re there!