SERVICE OFFERED: I will take over your world, for free

Hello, delicious mortals! I will subdue and enslave you! I will possess your minds and I will consume your thoughts!

This comes for absolutely no price to you, apart from all your physical and spiritual possessions, your hopes and dreams, and your essence itself!

Have you ever wondered what it was like if your planet was invaded by a metadimensional entropic Class-6 Creature?

Did you ever consider giving up everything for the chance to become one with a greater evil?

Was there a time when you craved for an existence outside of time?

Call now, or don’t, for a chance to have YOUR sun blotted out by a giant mass of tentacles BEFORE even closing this posting!

STAFF NOTE: This offer has been flagged for possible fraudulent activity. It cannot be verified that the poster is actually a metadimensional entropic Class-6 Creature. CTHULIST does not guarantee liability regarding any existential threats of Class-5 entities or higher.

-Cthulist Staff
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