Ideal Villainous Lair, Invisible* Top Half!

This beautiful building located at ██████ in █████ is for sale by Dajexeterex & Associates for a low price of fifteen quantum particles with measured velocity and position!

This building features a beautiful stone front with slavecrafted pillars and a foreboding atmosphere on the bottom half, and an invisible* upper half, perfect for all your evil machinations!

The top half is specially built to copy the stratospheric conditions around where it was built and seamlessly replicate them, making it practically invisible from ground level!

To purchase this amazing property, contact us at ████-████-██.

STAFF NOTE: Verification Associates have verified the existence of the invisible top half, but noted that ‘due to a relocation of the building five blocks north’, the building no longer seamlessly blends in with the sky around it. Buyers are advised to consider the cost of another relocation service or calibration hex.

-Cthulist Staff
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