You have enemies. I have more. We have a shared problem: too many enemies.

Death is so brutal. Death is so easy. And finally: too abrupt.

You could change them. We could change all of them. My solution: turn them into sheep.

The woolly ones. The ones that bleat. Yes, observe: they are fully aware.

I can perform this. Perform it for you. My demand: 1 reincarnation credit.

They live carefree. They live knowing what they were. Error: cognitive dissonance.

Be rid of your enemies. Be rid of frustrations. Sheep: The solution of the future.

A warning to you. A warning for all: These sheep: not to be harmed.

Inextricably linked to Ariekel. Linked to god of sheep. Warning: Revenge may be served.

Contact me with a bleat. Bleat at midnight. Promise: I will appear.