For Sale: Fortune-Telling Auto-Typewriter. Fair Condition, Answers Only in Haiku

You can have it for 25 credits in any interdimensional currency, demonic favors preferred (will throw in a ream of paper). It’s fairly functional and accurate but as the ad says, it’ll only answer questions in haiku-form. Here are some questions I asked it, for instance:

Q: When and how will I die?
A: 2024–
knives flash and blood stains the ground
street covered in red

Q: How will the world end?
A: last man shuts his eyes-
the world no longer his own
now victors descend

Q: Is my wife cheating on me?
A: go check the dresser
cellphone rings in top drawer
death-knell of marriage

It’s a little vague sometimes, as you can tell, but still serviceable. Hmu, I’m willing to haggle.