Selling cloning device, good condition

Hey, I bought this cloning device from a yard sale, but I don’t think it’s working correctly. The manufacturer plate is gone, so is the serial number, otherwise it seems to be complete. Obviously I can’t tell you what it looks like on the inside, I don’t have the hypergeometric tools and the life insurance to take a look. The base functions are all there, the information panel is in working order. My engineer buddy says it’s probably a calibration error. Willing to sell it for its’ weight in peanuts or for any interesting counteroffers you may come up with. I also accept vague feelings of understanding and empathy. Contact me @[UNTRANSLATED].

EDIT: It’s still here, if anyone wants it. I also have a second machine which I’m willing to throw in for low with the first offer. Also selling separately.

EDIT: Okay, I’m giving them away. Just take them. I can’t even put my car in the garage with five of them in there. You’ll have to pick them up yourself, though.

EDIT: If you pick up a dozen of them TONIGHT, I’ll throw in my old dehumidifier as well. Hell, I’ll pay you, if you just take them off my hands. I can’t afford to rent out a warehouse full of these things.

EDIT: If anyone knows a guy who has a need for two hundred cloning machines, give me a call. Quickly.