??Looking for a dynasty??

ARE YOU seeking a royal family to JOIN? Look no further! DINEL’S DY?NASTIES is now OPEN and accepting interviews to join a host of PREMIUM royal families. SOULS ONLY. THANKYOU!

Currently available:

de Wizian: A dukedom of 5 counties across New Madoria, Duke Wizian is seeking a soul to be placed in the womb of his barren wife, in order to avoid a succession crisis.
Polwas: Looking for 2 souls to inhabit the husk of the dying king Elric, must be able to fend off barbarian hordes.
Scottfeld: Corporate dynasty seeking dynastic investors, good returns on 12.4% share. Take charge over the board of directors. self-ACTUALISE YOURSELF.
et Hyjued: Description unavailable – apply directly with blood sacrifice addressed to [REMOVED]. NO B+ BLOOD.
…and many more!

See the rest on [REMOVED], and hurry, there are LIMITED TIME offers before the inevitable REVOLUTION will DESTROY them all!!