tAlEnTeD LiNgUiSt & vOiCE CoAcH

I’M HaViNg a sErIoUs iSsUe aNd i dEsPeRaTeLy nEeD YoUr hElP

i’m tHiNk mY VoIcE AnD AlL My wRiTiNg cOmEs aCrOsS As mOcKiNg, WhIcH Is nOt wHaT I InTeNd tO Do bUt i cAn’t fIx iT.

I NeEd sOmEoNe tO HeLp mE, bEcAuSe eVeRy tImE I TaLk oR WrItE A CoMmEnT On tHe iNtErNeT, pEoPlE ThInK I’M An aSsHoLe.

i’m aCtUaLlY A ReAlLy nIcE PeRsOn iF YoU GeT To kNoW Me

I’M NoT EvEn tOxIc, TiNa yOu hOe

If yOu aRe a lInGuIsT, pRoFeSsIoNaL EdItOr, Or vOiCe cOaCh fOr mY WrItInG AnD SpEcIaLiSe iN UnDoInG CuRsEs tHeN PlEaSe cAlL Me

IdEaLlY YoU ArE NoT ToO MuCh oF A NeRd, lIkE ThE OnE ThAt cUrSeD Me

HaVe a nIcE DaY