Evil Lairs for Sale.

I get it. You’re an aspiring villain and you need somewhere to set up shop for your megalomaniacal intentions. I own a whole host of deserted islands, abandoned buildings and megacorporate office buildings.

Devious Realty is your agent to a better (or worse) tomorrow, one with YOU at the top of the food chain. I cater to villains from all walks of life, from mad scientists to witches, to reclusive stepmothers. All properties are No-Weak-Point guaranteed.

If you’re intent on destroying or ruling the world (or just a portion of it), contact me today and see our finest locations, including:

  • Aries Island – a dormant volcanic island with lush jungle cover and exquisite beaches. Comes with a small lodge built on it, as well as some prefab laboratory buildings. Expansion into the mountain possible and highly recommended. Volcanic cavern is warm and inviting, with enough space for a rocket. Plot your villainy in style true to the classics.
  • Doom Tower – 50 stories of steel and bulletproof glass, with a black exterior and rooftop helipad w/ AA gun mounts. Fill this space with your corporate slaves and engineer a darker tomorrow!
  • Eximir’s Grotto – a twisted and gnarled forest full of dark magic and intrigue. Network of tunnels beneath the trees begs for secret access points in the trees themselves. Watch for rodents of unusual size.

…and many more!

Devious Realty – we give the best, so you can be the worst.

Contact Hell-Agent McKinnon on [666].

LEGIT BUSINESS TIPS from The Dimension Where Everyone is Super Wealthy

Hey everyone. As an incredibly successful businessman from The Dimension Where Everyone is Super Wealthy (You may know me from such brands as Ponzai Astromotive, Parfum d’Abagnal, or Wallstreet Outfitters), I am now retiring to write my autobiography and give business tips to those from other dimensions, where people are less willing to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

Just between you and me, I think I know how I can get you to be (almost) as rich as us guys from The Dimension Where Everyone is Super Wealthy. Your business might not be much at the moment, but I know that within the soul of every business owner is a successful businessman, and I know with just a little bit of an investment on your part I can double your earnings, easy. It’s in my DNA, hell, it’s in my dimension.

I accept payments in Etheris, Cthucoin or Soul Bonds, and will email you straight away with business advice to get your failing company out of the gutter.


Mr. Daqur, Dimension 8381

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8381 – The Dimension Where Everyone is a Confidence Trickster