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February 2019

urgntlg ned a spalchker

hi pls my nam is lucy n i got cursd to spal bad wheb i was a teenogre. I ned a spalchaker to chek the spall iv wrotten to uncruse me. i have a diploda of majic revreasl butt i stil ned sumwon to make sure it’s goochy b4 i try it bcz the sigh defects…

wit the debilidildotating consockquenches my afflecktion cozzes it tok me 10 yirs to right my spel write, i can’t spear the thot of anotr 10 chekin it so plzzzz i need u to help!!!!

if it wroeks eyell pay u dubbel, butt the craws is rlly stratting to herd my profensibgonal reptiiuattaoon. cnat writ emals, cnat use introneot bcoz even googlggle doennt no wht im trybgto say

i rly need hlep, i am traped withot u whoweather u r……….

cuntact me @ [REDARCTDE]

[m4?] NOT seeking the person who started a cult in my dreams

I was walking along a narrow path, many ahead and behind. In front, I saw a commotion. People with black blindfolds were acosting the walkers, who were either pushed along the path further or escaped up the hill bank.

Feeling your presence and knowing that this was not a regular dream occurrence, I too fled up the hill in a moment of lucidity. Jumping a fence, I saw you seek me out as if this was not how the dream was supposed to go.

I ran home, seeing more and more of the blindfolded people around this small town. A quiet suburb. Sitting in front of the computer, I wrote a PSA, warning people of you.

When I woke up I felt relief, before the dread set in and  I still felt your presence near me. I looked out my window and saw you, looking right back at me with a malevolent grin.

Please stay away from me. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. I wouldn’t want to hurt you.

[UPDATE] Mambos No. 1 to 4

Not a listing, but a strange update.

Lou Bega announced recently in an interview about the origin of Mambos number 1 to 4, which sound like complete tripe to me.


He came up with some excuse that it was representing the five continents, which is a big stretch to say the least, but a remarkable cover up.

Good work Lou Bega. By the way, I do still have them for sale. Nobody is brave enough to come and buy them, possibly at the risk of being captured by the secret service.

But what a truly masterful play. Insist it’s something harmless, but I know what you’re hiding, Lou. I know it all.