FOR SALE: my hopes and dreams

henlo my naem is gregori, i am a 47 years old astrophycisit from the small town of lithunborgin, slovenia, many many years ago when small child i fall into puddle and puddle send me into the ring of saturn. i see space king there, name xorxo, he tell me i want your brain. i say no. he say you have spezcial brain, good hopes and dreams, many many money. i tell him no. he say fuck you. he punch me in nose. i wake up in lithunborgin clinic with broken nose, father tell me to take care next tiem in woods. i say ok papa. now 35 years later i am failed astrophysicict living still in lithinborgin after exile from europeen space agency four yrs ago. they tell me am crazy. they tell me no such thing as space king xorxo, they tell me fuck you. now hoping to seel my hopes and dreams to highest bidder as i hae nohing else to live for an ddesire mahy monies to achieve ,my hopes and derams.

thanks in advance

warm regards,
gregori NOVAK

Looking: The Person I Will Exchange my Linear Perception of Time With

I live time in reverse because in less than a week I’ll exchange my linear perception of time with someone who perceives it in reverse. Future to past. I don’t yet know how I will meet them but time is running long.

If you are looking for someone to exchange your reverse perception of time with, please contact me next Thursday or earlier (past Thursday for me). Do not bother contacting me after Thursday as I most likely would have conducted the exchange by then.

I will not provide lottery numbers or anything similar no matter how great your offer is. Yes I know who you are, don’t bother asking me.


STAFF NOTE: This exchange was/will be overseen by a Cthulist temporal agent. It has/will be successfully conducted and verified by our agents. Please do not move through the temporal streams during it as that can disrupt the deal and the safety of our clients might be jeopardized.

-Cthulist Staff
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