Quantum programmer needed – dimension leak on huge website!

Don’t let this leak, or my boss will fire me, okay?

I’m the IT technician for the worldwide Earth-4536 publication, The Onion. Our company has been giving the news more accurately and quickly than any other news site in our dimension, but recently we’ve found the servers have leaked and become available in the Earth-2899 Internet. Reality is rather different there, and not only are they seeing our dimension’s news, they are commenting and passing it off as ‘satire’ or ‘fake’, which is greatly damaging and confusing our reputation.

Nonetheless, they never trained in interdimensional programming, but they’re expecting me to fix it anyway, so I need a quantum programmer to fix the leak. Email me at i̴̜̖̙͈rẃ̼̫͇͉͍i̷n͎̳͝s̴̟̗̤@͓̯t̙h̜̝͇͝ẹ̸̩̩̲̘̣̣o̮͕n͎͍̪̬̟̥͢ [EMAIL CORRUPTED – COULD NOT DISPLAY IN THIS DIMENSION]

Minor god selling post-apocalyptic planet

Dominant race broke my world, that’s the long and short of it.

I’ve lost my deposit on it and insurance won’t cover me so my only option is to sell it for as much as I can get, you get what you see with this one.

I’m not even sure how they did it, I think they just nuked each other, only took a few hours and that’s my whole planet roasted.

If you’re looking to start a cockroach civilisation, that’s what I’d recommend to you. I’d do it myself but this whole thing has made me terribly depressed and I’m gonna take a breather from worldbuilding for a while and do a gap year.

There’s at least five places that escaped total annihilation, I’d recommend starting there if you’re looking to engineer a new race. Or you can bulldoze the plot and start again, I don’t care as long as I can recoup at least some of the cost.

I’m asking for half my soul expenditure, 2.2 billion Premium souls (animals were all on Free souls). I doubled up on some of them after a few centuries but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Please contact me ASAP on [ABDUCTED] or email at [REPEALED]